Clean CLEANer Program

Cleaners can be damaging to your body over time, increasing the risk of cancers, asthma and decreasing lung function. Most of us think only of keeping children and pets away from cleaners, but we rarely think about the ongoing irritation to our bodies. Findings recently published from a 20 year long study showed significant damage to the lungs from everyday, household cleaners being used even once a week.

Wellness Jax offers a program to help you find out just how risky your current cleaners are, and can help find solutions to your cleaning needs while reducing your health risk. This program is a great gift to give to parents-to-be, but is also useful for people who are immune compromised. Undergoing cancer treatments is one of the times when the body is vulnerable, but many autoimmune diseases and viral infections can also put a person at risk.

The Clean CLEANer program begins at $35 for a consultation on the cleaners you presently use and information on cleaners that are safer choices. Additional services are available, such as teaching you to make your own basic cleaners and customizing them to your needs and preferences, including essential oils that manage bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air that also freshen the air with scents that you personally enjoy, and I can also supply quality essential oils to be sure the oils you are using are unadulterated with artificial chemicals that decrease their efficacy.

For more information on the Clean CLEANer Program, call or contact Wellness Jax!