Self Care Series: Why Should I Try Self Care?

To be blunt, self care is needed to continue to support our lives, our communities and our health. Without self care, we burn out. When we burn out we are harsher with the people around us, we have less compassion for our loved ones and strangers, and we are more reactive than proactive. Self care allows us to maintain healthy boundaries to make sure that we are at our best. This makes us better parents, better employees and employers, better people.

Our physical health requires self care. Heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression and weight can all be related to failure to care properly for yourself. Stress increases your risk for all of the above. Poor relationships, anger, inability to sleep well are also related to stress. Managing stress is self care. So is eating properly. Sleeping is a form of self care, but it’s also influence by other self care.

If you find yourself yelling at people for doing normal people things, you might need to ‘indulge’ in self care to relax and remember compassion. Can’t sleep because your brain keeps reminding you of every mistake you ever made? Self care in the form of forgiveness for not being perfect, a good dialogue about whether or not your could have made a better decision and how you make a better decision next time.

Stress management involves self care, but it’s more than just managing your stress. Self care is managing your life and your future. It sets a good example for your children or loved ones and shows yourself as well as the world that you respect yourself.

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