Stress isn’t emotional or mental, it is physical

Many people hear the word stress and they think it’s feeling a certain way. It could be feeling tired, angry, short tempered, frustrated or even just worn-down. But stress isn’t just a feeling or a schedule. Stress is a physical thing and it has definitive impacts on your health.

The feelings mentioned above are more like symptoms of stress than stress itself. Having a cold isn’t just sneezing, it’s having a virus inside your body causing reactions. Stress is like the virus when we talk about it in preventative health terms.

Stress comes from being busy, from having worry about family, health or money and pressure to succeed. It can even come from playing action oriented video games. Stress is a state of health where cortisol is adjusting how our bodies are functioning. Cortisol is a hormone, and it directs our body to release less insulin while releasing glucose. This leads to physical symptoms of stress like weight gain, lack of energy, cloudy thinking, physical exhaustion, memory issues and inability to sleep. When your body is in a state of stress for too long, it can cause damage to the body’s ability to manage blood glucose levels and lead to type 2 diabetes.

Understanding how stress causes malfunction in the body and how to minimize the effects, lower your stress level and re-create a healthy balance in your body can be a key tool in preventing diabetes and hypertension.

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