Wellness Jax and a Healthier YOU!

My dream is to make my community better, healthier and stronger as a community. My goal is help individuals struggling with life decisions, opportunities to better your life by finding the ways that work FOR you to BETTER you!

Life comes with many things, good and bad. Stress, illness, deaths, crisis of our emotions are all problems that we don’t always have the right tools to manage. Each of us has a different past, a different goal and different stressors, which means each of us has different ideal ways of managing our stresses. No one self-help method works for everyone, in fact no one even works for the majority of us.

Overall health starts with the food we eat, the quality of sleep we can get, the interpersonal relationships and support we have in place, and the ways we find to help our brain and our body cope with life as it happens. There are many ways to assist the body in doing its best, and many ways to help our minds and emotions.

From  simply learning how to manage your stress to learning how to make decisions in life changing times, Wellness Jax can help you. Tap into your creative side with art or dance, use aromatherapy to calm or invigorate your mind and body, stress management skills, improving sleep quality and help to create a plan to move forward with goals as your life situation changes are all things that Wellness Jax can you with.

I can provide lifestyle coaching for those who have been diagnosed with Prediabetes or are at risk (covered by most insurances), help you limit your exposure to dangerous toxins in your household cleaners with the Clean CLEANer program, advise you in aromatherapy for stress, focus or anxiety, and more. Call or email for more information on how I might be able to help you love your life.